Hitachi Non-Original High Quality Full Function Air Conditioner Remote Control KT-DOT1HIT is a better remote than the original, it has a large Backlit LCD Screen, Intelligent Cooling and Heating Functions, Clock, Timer, Sleep, Vent Sweep and Variable Fan Speed functions, Current Room Temperature and Target Temperature Displays, Celsius or Fahrenheit Temperature Display, etc. Takes 2x AAA Batteries and has an operational distance of greater than 8 metres.

It comes fully pre-programmed by us for your Hitachi Air Conditioner with "Hitachi" scrolling across the screen, unlike similar looking remotes that you have to find and enter the correct codes, You just put batteries in it and away you go!

Replaces Hitachi RAR-2A1, RAR-2P1, RAR-2P2, RAR-2SP1, RAR-3U1, RAR-3U2, RAR-3U3, RAR-3U4, RAR-21Z, RAR-22Z, RAR-24Z, RAR-35Z, RAR-52P1, RAR-52P2, RAR-5E2, RAR3V2, etc. etc.

28mm Thick (incl. wall bracket), 140g, Loc: L

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Hitachi Air Conditioner & Split System Remote Control KT-DOT1HIT Replaces RAR-2A1 RAR-2P1 RAR-2P2 RAR-2SP1 RAR-3U1 RAR-3U2 RAR-3U3 RAR-3U4 RAR-21Z RAR-22Z RAR-24Z RAR-35Z RAR-52P1 RAR-52P2 RAR-5E2 RAR3V2 etc.

  • Brand: HITACHI
  • Product Code: KT-DOT1HIT
  • Availability: 3
  • $29.00